About Us

When creative people from diverse cultures come together, they bring creativity, problem-solving, and innovation to life! 

After years of interacting with people as Digital Marketers, we learned that conventional ways of digital marketing are extremely expensive and ineffective. As a result, we collaborated as designers, strategists, and content writers to provide services that enable businesses to reach more customers at an affordable price.

Customers should be treated as people, not just statistics.

Most businesses approach their clients like numbers, which is not sustainable. After discovering the Story brand concept, we came up with a strategy that helps businesses create an effective mode of communication that results in a better understanding of the customer’s needs.

Digital Marketing Services Should Be Economical And Accessable For Every Businesses.

The high cost of digital marketing services is another issue that irritates and drives away entrepreneurs. As a team, we solved this issue by working remotely with an international team of experienced individuals, resulting in high-quality services at affordable prices.

That’s what we do at Encirkel.

We rescue small-medium businesses that suffer from expensive digital marketing services by providing high-quality services at affordable prices to help them bloom their businesses and become well-known household brands.

Your right Marketing Partner

Finding the right digital marketing agency is a struggle. At Encirkel, we design services that meet all your needs in one place.
Economical Prices

Good quality services should not be expensive. High quality services at affordable prices is our promise.

Recognize the problem's Core

We consider the core of your needs. We understand how to create the services that fit your requirements.

100% Customized Solutions

At Encirkel, you'll find custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Trusted teams

Trustworthy and experienced digital marketers, designers, and strategists from all around the world.

What if you get more customers?

Availing our digital marketing services will help your products and services reach more customers.

Connected 24/7

We are one message away from your quirres. Drop us your messages and we will get back to you right away.

Our Team

Talha Durrani

Founder and Creative Director

With over 7 years of handling different creative and teaching projects, I understand the value of quality, creativity, and innovation that has to be delivered with consistency and care.

Abdellatif Laarich

Co-Founder and Lead Strategist

As a lead strategist, I help businesses develop a conscious strategy by ensuring that their message is clear to their customers. This enables businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers.

Emanuel Gustafzon

Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, I have sound experience of applying best-fit digital marketing strategies that serve the needs of the customer and provide them with solutions.

Dina Zahreldin

Graphic Designer

Senior graphic designer with more than 5 years of experience working on advertising such as offline ads, billboards, printings and also online ads and marketing on all social media platforms.

Camila Nuca

Brand Identity Expert

Turning ideas into reality since 2011, Camila Nuca is a graphic designer with a specialization in marketing, whose work comprises the development of visual identity, branding, content strategy, marketing campaigns and other visual solutions.

Marcus Trogen


Marcus specializes in reaching clients, promoting an organization's brand, activities, or products. A very creative soul, writing/blogging being among his many creative talents, Marcus understands the importance of making a statement that leaves an impact. As a communicator he helps to gather information or come up with ideas to help companies grow to reach their best potential.

"Our interactions with the Encirkel company revealed a professional workforce. They provided us with high-quality services at an extremely reasonable price. We had a wonderful experience and would recommend them to others."

Yalla Boden

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